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SteriLumen is a technology-based company working to respond in real-time to the coronavirus outbreak that has halted the world in 2020. Formed in 2016 as an add-on to lighted mirrors, SteriLumen has applied its signature UVC disinfection technology to numerous products, and its potential for additional real-world application is limitless. 

SteriLumen has worked with customers, laboratories, and health care experts to develop disinfection devices and technology that combat health care acquired infections (HAIs). We formed a team to solve and patent a product and process to neutralize pathogens providing a compelling solution for the hospitality space and a solid path to entering the healthcare market. 

UVC disinfection technology is fast and effective. Disinfection performance is a function of the UVC dose applied to the microorganism. While all microorganisms respond to UVC light in different ways, laboratory testing has confirmed that the power of UVC multiplied by time can kill 99.99% of dangerous pathogens. 

With the emergence of COVID-19, the necessity for pathogen-neutralizing technology is at an all-time high across global markets, from healthcare, hospitality, and public sectors. 

For additional information on how to kill pathogens on surfaces in a highly effective and affordable manner, please visit the SteriLumen site or follow us on social media.

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